This page is dedicated to putting you in touch with a pain resolution specialist in the dance field.  These professionals are dancers who understand you want to be in your best, painless

dancing shape possible and they have lots of experience with dancers and athletes here in the UK and across the world!


Are you are suffering from back pain, frozen shoulder, hip pain, sore knees, or any other painful or limiting condition, isn’t it time you tried the Douglas Method?  Susan is an expert in her field with over 30 years experience, and has had a lot of success, in working with difficult conditions, injuries, chronic pain and disabilities. You are in safe hands.  

Get a new lease of life… 

Contact Susan today to discuss your issues, get advice and book your initial consultation. Tel: 07704216645 email:

Local to the UK and resident to Scotland is Susan Douglas of THE DOUGLAS METHOD.   She can work with you in person or online. You can also join one of her weekly group sessions which happen- at this point in time- online via subscription.  

During many years in the fitness industry both in the role of Instructor, in many different disciplines, and then as a Lecturer and Assessor, again in many different disciplines, it became apparent to me that something was not quite working. The interventions and techniques I was using, and was required to teach, were not linking together. They were sometimes inappropriate for the client populations. And yet they were often over-hyped as being the latest “holy grail” of fitness. What seemed to be missing, was an overall framework or system that provided structure and organisation to the many approaches and techniques. The Douglas Method is that system. It is not about the "missing link" (as so many other courses claim to be), instead it is about making sure all the links are present and are organised (applied) correctly. The Douglas Method is a fundamental, integrated system of therapeutic body realignment and reconditioning, engaging various tried and tested techniques used within the health and fitness, and medical world. It is fundamental because it underpins the other systems of health and fitness, providing a way to understand and organise a wide variety of techniques and approaches. TDM firmly believes that this system is stronger due to pulling all these techniques together rather than promoting one single element on its own. In other words “The sum is greater than the parts”.

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